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The Military has officially decided to change from an AKO Login platform to the Department of Defense Enterprise Email (DEE). Enterprise Email is a cloud-based email platform and was created to better allow soldiers to communicate with each other on a more secure private network. 100% CAC use has been mandated by the Chief Information Officer. All users will now have to have a CAC and the DoD Enterprise Email will not have the ability to access Outlook that isn’t on a .mil or .gov network.

ENTERPRISE EMAIL Troubleshooting

DOD Enterprise Email provides secure access to your email from any location, allows for shared resources like calendars accross DoD, has reduced costs compared to the previous Army Knowledge Webmail platform, and provides more security between DECC’s.  If you’re having problems accessing your Army Enterprise Email click here for instructions. If you are looking to encrypt your email with OWA go here for information. For a basic DISA Enterprise Email FAQ go here.

How to Gain Access to DTMS

For questions concerning the process on How to Gain Access to DTMS please contact the DTMS Helpdesk at: Email: dtms.ctd@us.army.mil DTMS Helpdesk 913-684-2700 DSN 552-2700 Toll Free: 877-241-0347 User Accounts:  To access DTMS, you must have a valid AKO account established prior to requesting a DTMS account.   Your DTMS user account must be approved for...

Accessing Enterprise Email (OWA)

Open a web browser and go to: https://web.mail.mil You will see the following screen informing you that you are accessing a U.S. Government Information System. Click “I Accept”. When prompted, be sure to select only your DOD EMAIL certificate. Click “OK”. You will be presented with a second screen. Simply click the link...

Joint Knowledge Online CAC Login Troubleshooting

Some users experience problems accessing JKO using CAC. This problem is often the result of a well known and documented problem with incorrectly configured Internet Explorer settings. This problem is known as the “DoD Root Certificate  Chaining Problem” per Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) . DISA has documented the problem and the ...

JKO Content Development Kit

1.            Package Structure Learning content to be accessed via the JKO mobile application is ‘packaged’ by content authors into files that contain: ¾ HTML and CSS documents ¾ Rich media resources ¾ Metadata files A package contains all of the resources required by a piece of learning content and, once downloaded by the application, remains...

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13 Responses to “AKO Army Enterprise Email Login”


    I am retiring soon and would like to login to my personal computer at home, is this possible?

  2. Lyssa

    I can’t figure out how to check my account when I can’t even get to the website. It keeps telling me that the connection is untrusted. Please help

    • admin

      Do you have the DoD certificates installed?

      Also look here for basic instructions.

  3. jesse james oviatt

    It has been more than a year since using any of the military on-line systems. Is there a help desk # to call?

  4. trent z

    I need to access my ako e-mail. Is there anyway that i can access it without using my CAC? i don’t have a reader and need to access my account

  5. christine goetz

    have not been able to get into my army email for weeks now. What’s up?

  6. Yvan Geffrard

    I cant logging in my account, I need some help plz.

  7. Major Tim Blakely

    Unable to access anything AKO; CAC is good. Please help me…//Maj Blakely

  8. Richard

    I am a fully retired DA Civilian with AKO access and an AKO email address.
    I am unable to complete ‘Slick Deals’ offers. When I ‘click-on’ links provided in the vendor response emails, the link (to verify eligibility) within the email won’t work.

    Could this be due to the following:
    1.) I am a retiree and no longer eligible for ‘Slick Deals’ benefits
    2.) I’m not usinga CAC (I have a retirement ‘CAC’ ID Card only).
    3.) I must adjust my settings for emails/internet?
    4.) I require additional software that will enable the vendor ‘links’ to function
    6.) Other (Please Advise)


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