Enterprise Email: Digitally Signing and Encrypting Email with OWA

Can I digitally sign or encrypt my email in Outlook Web Access?

How to Sign & Encrypt Email in OWA

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I’d like to encrypt my email so only my chosen recipients can read it, or sign the email so recipients can know for sure the email was sent by me. How can I do that in Outlook Web Access?

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Enterprise Email has the capability to sign and encrypt your email but you may need to install what is called an “S/MIME Control.” If you are not sure whether your computer has the necessary package installed follow the steps below first. After you configure your machine with the “S/MIME Control” you can sign and encrypt your email with Outlook Web Access.

S/MIME Control Installation

  1. OWA Options
  2. Open your Options Menu and select Sell All Options…
  3. S/MIME Control
  4. If the link says “Install” then click and install.  If you are having issues you may need to reinstall.
  5. The Sign & Encrypt Buttons
  6. In a new mail window you can sign or encrypt on an individual email basis.

9 Responses to “Enterprise Email: Digitally Signing and Encrypting Email with OWA”

  1. Gene

    Tried to log in on owa and still not able to login in please help.

  2. admin
  3. james keaton

    Ever since I got a new CAC, outlook webmail constantly asks me for my PIN. I can still access everything but it seems like the system is continuously checking my profile, and since my card is new, I think that may be why…any thoughts?

  4. Tish McClure

    I have users who are trying to log onto OWA Mail (https://web.mail.mil/owa and are receiving a message ” The Outlook Web App address https://web.mail.mil/owa is out of date. To get the correct address, contact your helpdesk. ” Can someone verify that this is the correct website?

    • Richie Dixon

      Trying to sync outlook 2010 with new enterprise system I have e-mails that I have save from a month ago in my inbox but I’m not recieving any new mail please help.

  5. Sgt. willie A Watson

    I need my enterprise email but i don’t know where to start. If anyone knows the step by step email me back so i can help out others in my unit.

  6. Joel

    My email has been recently changed to the new enterprise system from my army.mil account and I can not access the site to check my email. the page link wont open the page.

  7. SGT Schumacher

    Does anything work at this site anymore? I am continually receiving: “this page can’t be displayed”. Troubleshooting through Windows network diagnostics say “the resource was contacted but the device or source (web-eur2.mail.mil) is not responding for two days now. What is the problem and is there a help desk? I have important documents in there and I need to access them. On the AF base I am located on any attempt to reach my web-mail gets to the sight but then freezes regardless of computer. Help, I need my e-mail.

  8. Sue Feleciano

    I have a new CAC and trying to access my OWA email, I can access the webmail website, get the DoD Banner warning, select my CAC email certificate and enter my password but then
    I get This page can’t be displayed
    •Make sure the web address https://web-paci01.mail.mil is correct.
    •Look for the page with your search engine.
    •Refresh the page in a few minutes.

    Not sure what else to try to connect to my OWA site? Putting my personal email as I cant access my email


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