Military-security cloud system: Enterprise Email

By the end of 2013, the plan is for the Defense Information Systems Agency to have efficient components to put together a robust cloud computing system through tools which can be accessed online at any time. As cloud computing shows its benefits more and more every day, the Army have decided that making this move is a very important one for the further improvement of military standards.

The first ever cloud strategy in the military was released a year ago, and the creators are taking a lead role in the formation of this new system. The idea is to create a one-stop shop for all cloud services within the department of defense.

This has massive consequences for the Enterprise E-Mail system, as it is going to benefit massively from the change to a cloud based service. Enterprise E-Mail currently plays a leading role in the position as the military’s e-mail system which all soldiers and personnel use. The plan is to enhance usability and performance even further by moving the Enterprise E-Mail system to a cloud-based server.

Now in use by over one million users within the military, it is beginning to become a much more heralded part of the service, providing easy access to e-mails from staff and personnel. Not only cutting back on government costs, but also providing staff with a simply solution to all of their communications needs.

The idea is soon to have all government officials using the one system, to lessen the load on staff in the administration side of things, and also to make it easier for everybody to communicate and work together. The target aim at present is 2015 but there is no official word on this yet.

This means that along with the much faster and easier to use and manage Enterprise E-Mail service, online function between staff will become easier than ever with the use of cloud based computing services. This allows everybody to work from the one framework, making training easier than ever. It also makes streamlined communication and record keeping simply for all staff.

The main reasoning for this change all around is security – the Army is looking to make everything as secure as possible. Because of the power of cyber threats today, it’s important to keep everything as secure as possible and provide everybody with a safe environment in which they can work and communicate freely.

Moving to a military-security cloud system can only benefit security, ease of operations, and military efficiency in the short and long term. With one eye on the potential this has for the future, it also benefits soldiers today. In the nearest of futures, soldiers will be able to make full use of their service records whether they are at home, at training or out on a tour of duty – all from the one secure and safe location.

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