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Accessing your AKO EMAIL LOGIN

AKO mail services provided by the army, are highly secure, and use POP-S and IMAP-S. Army Knowledge Online manages email for over 2.4 million users and many security practices must be taken to insure that this information remains visible to only the correct people. Both retired members of the army, active members, and DA civilians can use the AKO service.  Because of these security practices, sometimes it may be difficult to log into your AKO account however we are here to help if you run into any issues.

Accessing your AKO Email Via CAC. Since 2013 the US army has been requiring all users wishing to access their AKO email account to use their CACs to login to AKO. All users who have a CAC should now be fully migrated to the Enterprise Email platform. Users will not be able to log into their email from just a username and password alone. DISA mail is running on a Microsoft Exchange platform and will require 100% Common Access Card login use on the Outlook Web App Site. If you’re a Dual Persona user, you are still being migrated, however you should get your PIV exposed as soon as possible, or you may have problems accessing your Enterprise Email account or accounts. 

  • Enterprise Email
    If you’re having trouble with Enterprise Email go here.
  • AKO Password
    For information regarding resetting your AKO Password click here.
  • Cac Login Password
    For information regarding CAC Only Login click here.
  • AKO Webmail Issues
    If you’re having issues with AKO Webmail Freezing, click here.
  • AKO Webmail Lite
    Information on AKO Webmail 2.0 and Webmail Lite, click here.
  • AKO Issues
    Further inquiries should be directed by clicking here.
  • AKO Webpage changes
    To see what changes were made to the AKO website click here.
  • Why is AKO so hard to get into
    If you think AKO is hard to get into, check out the AKO login information page.
  • Internet Explorer 9.0 and AKO Webmail
    If you can’t log in because of internet explorer learn how to login to your AKO Webmail using Internet Explorer here.
  • ActivClient
    Whether you’re in the army, navy or marines, you’ll need to update your ActivClient drivers. Click here for more information to get the correct drivers for your CAC.

36 Responses to “AKO Email Login”

  1. keniesha dillon

    i need help changing my ako password.

  2. Paul.F.MckiernaN

    My email is not opening on AKO , I am not being dirrected to my login page!!!

  3. Lurline Whitfield

    This Enterprise Migration is a mess. Now, I can’t even access my AKO from home for my own Personal use for my College & all my work emails go to my AKO & my work AMEDD email wich is redundant and clogs up my AKO. I am a graduate student and I use my AKO email to correspnd with my professors when I am at home but since one of the IT Technitions migrated me yesterday to the new standards everything is crazy. When I scan a document at work to email to another office it gets stuck in my AKO (I use my CAC at work, don’t have a CAC at home). When I get an email from someone at work it goes to my AKO & my AMEDD email which is so redundant. Can someone make this work better. It was working fine before this MIGRATION. I am retired Army. Not sure the Tedchnician did everything he was supposed to do when he called me back at close of business
    yesterday. I really need to access my AKO at home without a CAC.

  4. Carl White

    Yes the migration has happened, and No I can’t get to my email account. My CAC card doesn’t load for ATTRS things are a mess. I need to find out why/ what all certificates needed to go to ATTRS /AKO webmail/ and required other Military sites.

  5. Mark Pekkola

    The train wreck that is AKO continues to evolve into more and more depravity as logging into web mail surpasses the difficulty of theoretical physics.

  6. John Nunn

    my computer will not let me into AKO, is there an issue at your end. I was in until 2 weeks ago and now I cannot navigate into the login page.

    • winston.carrington

      my computer will not let me into AKO, is there an issue at your end. I was in until 2 ago and now I cannot navigate into the login page.

  7. james l hice

    Can’t open my AKO mail????????

  8. winston.carrington

    I cannot go on AKO

  9. yong.kim

    I want to access to my e-mail.

  10. Kris

    I cannot access any .mil sites; ako, trips, webmail, or the new enterprise mail. I have a CAC and reader and have it properly set up for use. i have had these issues for roughly a month now. What is the next recommended course of action?

  11. Willie.hughes

    I cannot open my ako !?

  12. john.else

    why cant people just leave things alone and keep them the way they are when they work i cant even get into ako or log in page ako loin page brings me to this and i cant use my cac to get in what crap hate this can not wait a year and its over no more for me

  13. Zach

    I can not get on AKO I put it in the search engine and it comes up that the page can not be displayed.

  14. dennis

    Can’t get my w-2 because I can’t get the mypay reset password on AKOmail. Haven’t used AKO since I came back from the Stan in 2012. Why does the government overcomplicate everything it touches? …And why can’t anybody just mail you the damn thing anymore? Technology sucks!!!

    • baker

      same thing did you find anything that you can relay to me to help me out

  15. Paul

    I am on the AKO login page and there is no option to log in. From all the post, it sounds like there is something very wrong with this site. Any solutions?

    • Edward Boulay

      One more reason why I want out of this Chicken Sh&# outfit. I OCCASIONALLY access my ako at home on my personal computer, but would prefer doing so without using my CAC. And yet, I can’t seem to find a way to log-in without the CAC on this newly, and unnecessarily, designed website.

  16. Rebecca

    to log in to my ako acc and take class on the ako program do I need the CAC reader

  17. raymond.newman

    This system is a total disaster. Who designed it? The Obamacare technicians? Being unable to access the AKO website from my home computer is very frustrating. Congratulations! You managed to take a site that was user friendly and informative and made it totally unuseable. I will not be attempting to access AKO anymore. I don’t need the frustration.

  18. Lawrence Beal

    Is there a phone support number I can call for assistance?

  19. Vencent W Tripp

    I can not get a pass word for my CAC card reader in order to get on to my AKO. Please reset my system to insure that I can meet the requirement for United States Cadet Command. I am a JROTC Senior Army Instructor for Union High School, in Sampson County, North Carolina.

  20. Emmanuel Blankson

    Why wouldn’t the webpage even load? Can’t even access my AKO e-mail.

  21. mae crutcher

    can’t get to a page to put my login name to reset a new password.

  22. zacharie.ouedraogo

    I can’t acess to my account AKO.que dois je faire?my CAC card doesn’t match

  23. Geo

    You guy seriously suck. You would think the DOD would be a little more advanced than this, but jesus this migration is fucking stupid. Nothing works.


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