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What is Army Knowledge Online?

Army Knowledge Online, also called AKO, is a huge online portal serving the US’s Army and military personnel. AKO is a private and secure intranet (the biggest in the world) and it allows for secure communication through for members of the military to communicate with each other.

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12 Responses to “Army Knowledge Online”

  1. Michael G. Martinez

    Unable to check and update my AKO e-mail? Need your help. Thank you.

  2. COL Charles B,. Thornell, Jr. US Army Retired

    I am having problems checking my e-mail on AKO.

  3. Paul D. Hicks

    I’m retired and used to have an AKO account, I re-established this account when I worked in Kuwait, DoD. I’m again going OCONUS and need to re-establish my AKO account, what do I need to do? I don’t see anywhere where I can get my username and reset my password.

  4. Roger Wheaton

    I am a DoD contractor with Northrop Grumman and Cubic, both of which use AKO webmail accounts. I can’t find the CAC login page anymore with the new AKO webmail site. How do I find the CAC login window so I can access my email on AKO?

  5. jonh cochran jr

    I have retired from Kansas army national guard and will no longer have a valid cac card for axcess to my account what site do I go to for word login without cac?

    • Randy Smith

      i just retired from the Oklahoma national guard, and will no longer have a CAC card, how can i still use my AKO to get stuff like my W-2 for taxes


  6. Alfredo Vallejo

    I do quite a bit of work online to include work related things, banking, etc. This is the most terrible site to access. I can’t find a simple place that lets me log into my ako account instead I am directed to ads, downloads, etc. I would suspect that your users don’t need most of the “noise” that you have on the website. You need to clean it up and make it easy to just go to a login place otherwise it is a waste of time having any of this info online.

    • Jeff Paige

      I agree. This is so over managed, more so than military classified access. AKO acts like it it the NSA.

  7. Darrell A. Bostick

    Can not get to login without Cac


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