ISOPREP Completing your DD Form 1833 (ISOPREP)

All personnel traveling OCONUS are required to complete a DD Form 1833 (ISOPREP). Army personnel will use the Pre-OCONUS travel File (PRO-File) fulfill this requirement. This applies to all military, Army Civilian, and contractor personnel supporting Army forces. Army forces under the Operational Control of USASOC or USSOCOM are exempt from this requirement and will follow USSOCOM guidance to meet the pre-deployment requirement.

The data entered into PRO-File surveys is transferred to the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA). Once transferred, the data is used to populate a digital ISOPREP on SIPRnet. PRO-File is the only approved means for Army personnel to fulfill the digital ISOPREP requirement on Unclassified systems.

Are there specific requirements to complete the PRO-File Survey?

  • Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Windows Vista Internet Explorer 7.0
  • Valid AKO username and password
  • Two digital photographs (see slides 10 and 11 for acceptable photographs)
  • A computer printer (to print completion certificate)


Many users are already using Windows Vista Internet Explorer 8.0 with no reported problems.  Many users use Firefox 3 with no reported problems.  You may attempt to use one of the unsupported browsers, but if you experience any issues, you must then use a supported browser to enter all survey data.

Where do I find the PRO-file Survey?

You can log into the PRO-File home page at:

Read the DoD Notice and Consent Agreement, and click “OK.”

Can you walk me through how to complete the PRO-File survey?

You will need to complete and submit DD Form 1833 “ISOPREP”, and will require an AKO account. Please go to the following site for specific instructions on how to complete your PRO-File survey:

This site also provides some frequently asked questions regarding the PRO-File Survey. These FAQs can be found at the end of the document.

Are there any other materials I can look at regarding ISOPREP and the PRO-File Survey?

Yes, there is an AKO information page about PRO-File:

Alternatively the 2008 DD Form 1833_ISOPREP form can be downloaded here.

Additional ISOPREP instructions can be found here.

There is a contact form at the bottom of this page, if you need further assistance.

33 Responses to “ISOPREP Completing your DD Form 1833 (ISOPREP)”

  1. Matthew Skinner

    I have filled out the information in the survey within the last 6 months how do I pull up my certificate to print it off?

    • Calvin Wynn

      How do I print off my ISOPREP?

      • CPT Jonathan Parsons

        Have your ISOPREP manager print it off from the high side (SIPR).

    • Ferdinand Madu

      Filled out information for ISOPREP survey within the last six months. Wants to know how to pull my certificate

  2. Jan Stroud

    I need to attach the requested photographs. What is the best resource for having the photographs taken?

    • SFC Susan Kelb

      The Blackberry phone camera works perfect. I took pictures for my Soldiers then emailed them on the Medium size.

      • admin

        Nice! Glad to hear you’ve had success with the photo portion of this form with your Blackberry.

    • clay hogan

      Jan Stroud,

      Hello, after I complete the DD Form 1833, is that when i will up load the pictures ? or before ? does the process have to be done on ako or can i just ” google ” isoprep and fill out the form. I see the form right now online from google, i just hope this is a easy process. I also heard that i could take pictures on a camera and save them to a disc and upload them that way. Which way do u think is better ? i have 40 personnel that needs to do this process and this is my first time. please respond, needing some assistance,,,what type of computer system needed, sipr or nipr ?

      Thank you,

  3. LCDR Don Haley

    For the statement “Army personnel will use the Pre-OCONUS travel File (PRO-File) fulfill this requirement. This applies to all military, Army Civilian, and contractor personnel supporting Army forces”, does this apply to Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, etc.? If so, how do I get an Army sponsor for my account access?

  4. John Eckroat

    I have completed the Form 1833 three times and it never gives me a “print” option. Once I click on the “submit” botton the pages disappears and the program seems to go into a loop. Please advise. Thanks much.

    • admin

      As recommended by Frank “you would have to use another computer, i had the same problem too until i used another computer.”

  5. rafael dicristina

    am i able to use windows 9?

  6. Gary Halvorsen

    Most of our DoD support contractors do not have a CAC and as USAF we can no longer sponsor in AKO. How do we obtain an Army sponsor for AKO account access?

    • admin

      As recommended by Frank: Get an ako sponsor at any army recruiters office.

  7. Adam Maresch

    What other way to do this? The website always fails after spending the time (multiple times) inputting the information. Hit submit and it takes you to a failed survey aspx. Different computers, same thing.

  8. frank

    to John…you would have to use another computer, i had the same problem too until i used another computer.
    to Don & Gary…you would have to get an army sponsor, i went to the army recruiters office and explain them my situation and had one of them being my sponsor.

  9. Steven Greenawalt

    I can not get any of this to work to complete my DD from 1833. I cant get the Pro File links to work or anything

  10. Nicholas Alexopoulos

    I completed ISOPREP survey and need to print my certificate. How do I find the cert without redoing the survey?

  11. Billy Pulaski

    How often does the ISOPREP need to be completed? Annually or once?

  12. Chris Mathis

    I keep getting this page can’t be displayed, I checked that SSL and TLS 1.0 are checked in the advanced settings but still nothing.

    • Doug Brendle

      Me neither and im getting more than alittle frustrated. This is delaying the improssessing process for me and I have a cob to do that doesnt include staring at an error screen. Does anyone have a link that works? I need the certifricate not just the iso prep form.



  14. Christian Crawford

    I’ve done the complete ISOPREP twice and submitted successfully, but no certificate comes up to print. How do I print out the ISOPREP certificate?

  15. Karen Morrison

    I was working with this sytem recently and having a lot of the same problems I have seen listed here. I called tech support and they sent me the directions below. They should help with a lot of the issues folks are having. If not, call the number at the very bottom of this message and someone will help you. Good Luck!

    EDIT: This comment was so good a new post has been made here with the rest of the information

  16. Edward L Trowbridge

    If the DD form 1833 has been completed, how does a Soldier recieve their certificate? I am a representative from the CRC in Ft. Benning and I have a Soldier processing that is in need of the certificate.

  17. Amanda

    I have already completed and ISOPREP file before I deployed in 2010 and again before I went tot he Dom Rep in 2012. I will be going to Aruba in the fall and my command syas I need to create an ISOPREP. However, the instructions on the ISOPREP portion say NOT to do another file if you have already done one. It says:

    “If you have previously completed PRO-File and as a result have an ISOPREP in the PRMS system DO NOT re-accomplish PRO-File. Instead contact your PRMS Unit Manager or Manager to review and update your existing ISOPREP (The PRMS OST can also assist in locating your Unit Manager or Manager and providing assistance with your ISOPREP review). Re-accomplishing PRO-File will result in your existing ISOPREP being overwritten and creates other associated problems AND does NOT update the review date!”
    Our unut contact person says he does not know how to review/update. sent me to this page.

  18. Ruby

    How many times do you have to do this in your Army career?
    And if just once , how do I update my information. Thank you

  19. Robert Bailey

    Neither the APG and the Monmouth site work for ISOPREP on a home or work( computer. I do have an AKO account and have completed ISOPREP in the past but need to update it. Did the military make the sites accessible to .MIL domain computers only? I have an Identrust MED Hardware Assurance token and I am able to use it to log into AKO and a few other sites but I cant even get the ISOPREP (APG & Monmouth) pages to load or ask for a token.

  20. Tyrone Snowden

    Who completes my ISOPREP me or someone from my unit.

  21. kevin wilson

    The problem is I did in 2013 when I visit my family .in different
    try re-set my password and use my name .it not in system and my cac card to sign in it will not so can you please help me . thank you if you need my full SNS I will sent it


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