Microsoft has two pages for determining the version of Windows you are currently running. The links to those pages are listed below.

If you are unsure which version you have, here is how to find out:

  • Vista & 7:

Right click Computer, Properties. Look under the System section, System Type: it will show either 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System.

  • XP:

Right click My Computer, Properties. If it doesn’t show 64-bit, you have a 32-bit Operating System

US Army Special Operations Command OWA and SSL VPN – Users Manual


To determine the version of Internet Explorer you are running on your PC:

  • Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button  , and then clicking Internet Explorer. Press ALT+H and then click About Internet Explorer.


  • Open Web Page, select Help from top menu, and then select About Internet Explorer.

US Army Special Operations Command OWA and SSL VPN – Users Manual


You will need to disable UAC (User Access Control) in Windows 7 ONLY. It will remain off until your first successful SSL VPN connection. After successful connecting, you can re-enable UAC. It is strongly recommended by Microsoft that you leave this feature enabled. When it is turned off, all users are considered Administrators on the system and can add, remove and modify programs and the system even if the user was created as a Limited user (without administrative rights).

Click on the ‘ Start ‘ icon (left) then click on ‘ Control Panel ‘ (right)

Select Start and navigate to Control Panel

Click ‘ User Accounts and Family Safety

User Accounts and Family Safety

Click ‘ User Accounts

User Accounts

Click ‘ Change User Account Control settings ‘, also called UAC

Change User Account Contol Settings

To disable UAC, move the bar from ‘ Always notify ‘ (left) to ‘ Never notify ‘ (right).

After your first successful connection to the SSL VPN, go back and re-enable UAC by moving the bar back up to ‘ Always notify

“Always Notify” and “Never Notify”

You will be prompted to reboot the system, this occurs anytime you change the UAC settings (left) Click on the ‘ Start ‘ icon and then on ‘ Restart

Reboot Prompt and Start Icon > Restart


OWA-Troubleshooting-FlowchartOWA Troubleshooting Flowchart

    Table E-1: List of Acronyms
AD   Active Directory
AKO   Army Knowledge Online
CAC   Common Access Card
CIO   Chief Information Officer
COR   Contracting Officer Representative
DoD   Department of Defense
EITC   Enterprise Information Technology Contract
EMAIL   Electronic Mail
IE   Internet Explorer
NIPR   Non-Secure Internet Protocol Routable
OS   Operating System
OWA   Outlook Web Access
PC   Personal Computer
PIN   Personal Identification Number
POC   Point of Contact
RDP   Remote Desktop Protocol
SSL   Single Sockets Layer
UAC   User Access Control
USASOC   United States Army Special Operations Command
USB   Universal Serial Bus
VPN   Virtual Private Network
























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