Error: “Page Cannot Be Displayed”

If you receive the error “Page Cannot Be Displayed” (in Internet Explorer) or “Server Not Found” (in Firefox) you can use the following steps to troubleshoot your issue:

Check your browser and version for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) compliance.

Internet Explorer

  • In IE 6 and 7 open your Tools menu and select Internet Options
  • Click the ‘Advanced’ tab
  • Scroll down in the list to the option TLS 1.0 and uncheck the box
  • Uncheck the SSL 2.0 box
  • Check the SSL 3.0 box
  • Click Ok
  • In IE 8 on Windows 7 you will also have options for TLS 1.1 and 1.2, make sure these are unchecked.

In Firefox

  • Open your Tools menu and click Options
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Encryption
  • Check the TLS 1.0 box
  • Click Ok

Clear your cache and verify your security settings

Install the DoD Root Certificates

  1. Click ‘Download InstallRoot 3.15a
  2. Click Run

A window will flash open and close quickly as part of the installation process. Once you see this window appear and then disappear please try to access the site again.

Check other non-military related sites on the internet such as Google or Yahoo

If not you may be experiencing an issue with your internet and we suggest contacting your ISP for further assistance.
If you can please review the steps below for more things you can check.

Check your IP address

  • Browse to and look at the IP address displayed.
  • If this address ends with a .0 or .255 you will not be able to access AKO or many other Army sites.
  • This is because an address that ends with these numbers should not be assigned under best practices and is blocked from access.
  • Please contact your ISP or DOIM/IMO/Other Local Administrator for information on how to be leased a new address.

Are you able to access other Army sites?(,

  • If your IP checks out from the previous step but you are still unable to access Army sites you may be blocked at an Army-wide level. Contact your ISP to confirm the block and request a new IP.
  • If you can still access other Army sites please continue reading.

If you are a reservist and currently on base please check the following.

  • Open your Tools menu and click Internet Options.
  • Click the Connections tab.
  • Click LAN Settings.
  • Click ‘Advanced’
  • Under “Exceptions” please remove *
  • Close out of your options windows and restart Internet Explorer.

Your browser may be being redirected by an add-on or infected with spyware.

  • To check a browser with no add-ons open your start menu, select programs, select accessories, select system tools, and click ‘Internet Explorer (without add-ons)’
  • To rule out spyware try an alternate browser like Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded from

Are you on a personal computer or laptop?

  • If you are please contact your ISP. See if they can access the Army Knowledge Online and work with them to continue troubleshooting your issue. You can also browse to the Microsoft support site if you are receiving a specific error at
  • If you are not please contact your local DOIM or IMO or support personnel for further assistance.

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