Internet Explorer 9 and Webmail 2.0

Why does Webmail lock when using Internet Explorer 9?
There is a confirmed compatibility issue with a background library within Webmail 2.0 when using Internet Explorer 9.┬áThis can prevent it from loading correctly, causing it to freeze or “lock up” during login. The issue is being addressed and should be resolved in a near term update to the webmail system. However, there is currently no estimated release date for the fix. All other AKO/DKOfeatures have been tested and should be working with Internet Explorer 9.In order to proceed past the point where Webmail 2.0 locks up, you can try one of the following workarounds:Debugging Mode

1. When Webmail Freezes, press the F12 key to enter debugging mode.

2. Click the Script Tab located under the Toolbar.

3. Press the ‘Start Debugging’ option.

4. Allow the debugger to run.

5. Close the Debug Console and attempt to login to Webmail again.

This fix should resolve the failure for all future attempts of logging into Webmail without the requirement to debug each time.

If you are unable to access Debugging Mode, you may have a different issue. If your AKO account freezes when it loads, click here.

Webmail Classic

You may use Webmail Classic with Internet Explorer 9 but an issue has been identified when trying to send attachments. If you try to attach a file to an email you may receive an error that states, “Empty or Invalid File Name.”

External Email Client

You can set up your email with an external email client, such as Outlook or Thunderbird. If you would like more information on how to set up your email to one of these clients then click here to view more information on setting up your AKO account for an External Email Client.

Downgrade to Internet Explorer 8

You can downgrade your version of Internet Explorer 9 back down to Internet Explorer 8. Internet Explorer 8 does not have the same issues and can be downgraded fairly easy. If you would like more information on how to downgrade, please visit and search for “Uninstalling Internet Explorer 9”.

This FAQ will be updated with the most current information we have on the issue. If you would like to be notified when an update has been made to the FAQ, please click the “Notify Me by Email if this Answer is Updated” button.

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