Migrating from AKO to Enterprise Email

Beginning 29 August the AKO will begin the process of closing email access to some users who have been migrated to the DISA Enterprise Email system.  If you have been identified as one of these users you should have received the following email:

You were identified as an AKO user whose NIPRNet email was migrated to Enterprise Email. As early as 30 days from today, but not later than 1 October, AKO will begin the process of deleting these AKO NIPRNet mailboxes. The steps in that process are:

1. AKO will set your AKO forwarding address to your Enterprise Email address. Once this is done, it will not be possible to edit the forwarding address.

2. AKO will delete all messages currently associated with that email address. This includes any mail in the inbox and all folders.

Important: While all email will be deleted, the email address itself is not being deleted or deactivated. Your AKO email address (user@us.army.mil) will be maintained, so messages sent to it will continue to be received and forwarded to the enterprise email inbox.

For more information, and the associated TTP for Manual Exporting of AKO Email Data to DoD Enterprise Email, visit the AKO Enterprise Email Transition page: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/675388

If you feel you are receiving this email in error, or would like to request an exception/extension from the CIO/G-6, visit the AKO Enterprise Email Transition page: https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/675388

3 Responses to “Migrating from AKO to Enterprise Email”

  1. Mary

    I cannot get into the enterprise webmail and I have not gotten my emails from AKO. I volunteered to test the new email, and now I can’t get into it to retrieve me email.

  2. Eugene Chu

    Unable to access Army Enterprise e-mail. Have help desk MULTIPLE times. Only receiving error 500. Worst IT action ever by the Army.

  3. jeffrey morton

    completely offline, not acceptable platform for email.


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