My Group

What is a “My Group”?

The creation of a “My Group” has the fewest options, which makes it the easiest to manage. By default, these groups are secure, which means that only administrators of the group are even aware of them.

My Groups are commonly used for personal contact lists or access control.

Create a “My Group”

To create a “My Group”:

Log into AKO/DKO.
Click on the ‘Groups’ button in the upper right of your account.
Go to ‘Create’ located on the right side of the page, and click on the ‘Group’ button, and click ‘Next’.
Under ‘Choose a Group Type’, select ‘My’ and click ‘Next’.
Enter a name and a description for your Group, and click ‘Next’.
Confirm your Group by clicking on ‘Submit’.

If you would like to learn more on creating groups or managing content within AKO/DKO, please visit the AKO Training page:

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