For you to have a successful myPay login, you must have a registered myPay account. The process of accessing You are very simple and it involves a series of steps that You are required to follow so as to be successful in the process. The first step is to create an account of myPay which entails filling the much required information on a page that can be accessed through this URL;


You are required to access a section that is known as ‘Account Access’ which is normally located on the left side of the said page. There are fields that are present which You are required to fill in, you of them that must be filled is the SSN field. The social security number of the person registering is required to be filled in this particular field. After the details are filled in, you should hit ‘Go’ so as to proceed to the next step.

The next step is to fill in the information that relates to login ID, CAC Login, and password details. This is information is very crucial because it will aid the said person to log in into myPay. The credentials to be entered should be kept secret because if you exposes this information to another person then the information present in the account will be exposed. The information should be easy to remember and very difficult for others to guess and should be you according to the instructions provided on the site.


Email information is also required so as to ensure that the process of confirmation is upheld. Before an account is activated, the person registering is required to access his/her email so as to access the message. Within the message there will be a link for you to click which will make him/her to have his/her account activate. This process is undertaken so as to ensure that the email address is certified because if the process is not there, you can guess an email address and get access to the account.

When the account is activated you will have access to the account by providing his/her credentials that you provided earlier. It is at this place that you will be provided with options related to myPay that you can choose from. This clearly indicates that the person responsible for series of actions before will be able to have a full and accepted account to make use of. The link that is provided in the email takes you directly to the page but subsequently you will be required to provide login information subsequently.

It is very important for you to remember the facts related to login credentials because without them you can can’t have access. There are situations where you can forget the password hence the site has a link where You are required to answer a series of questions so as to access the forgotten password through email. If you pass the questions which are used to determine the person requesting indeed forgot his/her password, you will access the information from the email. It is highly recommended that when you finish doing your duties in your myPay account, it is suitable for you to logout. This is to prevent other people from accessing the account.

Logout is present on the options which will ensure that no transactions are carried out without the permission of the user. If you finds any form of difficulty from the site then you has the privilege of conversing with the Customer Care center. you can access this information from the myPay menu which is normally the fifth option.

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  1. John T. Gerlosky

    At mypay, I checked my AKO email address as invalid. And yet, mypay instructions says it should be set up to forward to a non military email address. Can you tell me how I can set up my AKO email address to a non military email address or clarify this issue?


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