PEBD (Pay Entry Base Date)

What is my PEBD?

Pay Entry Base Date (PEBD) can be found on your Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). The PEBD is listed as ‘Pay Date’ near the top of the LES. Your PEBD is generally the date at which you swore into the Army or were commissioned. Please note that if you experienced a break in service or delayed entry, your PEBD may be adjusted and will not necessarily reflect your actual entry date.

DA and NAF Civilians will need to use their SCD (Service Computation Date) Leave date in this field. DA civilians will typically use the date they became a DA civilian.  NAF civilians SCD date could vary depending on title change, promotion, or any other large event which may affect their pay. If you are unable to locate this date, you will need to contact your HR department for this information.

If you  are Active Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve and do not know your PEBD and do not have a LES, please contact your Personnel Officer for further assistance.

If you are Army Retired and do not know your PEBD, please contact the Human Resources Command at (800) 318-5298.

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  1. henry dicarlo

    I dialed the number given for Human resources command and the number has been changed. What is the number I have to get my PEBD

    • admin

      They Pay Entry Basic Date is when you first joined the military (the first day of basic training at the Replacement Depot). IF you need additional help, try calling 1-877-256-8737.


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