Preparing for the AKO mail migration to DISA Enterprise Email.

What can I do to make sure I have as smooth a transition to DISA Enterprise Email as possible?

Preparing for the Enterprise Email Migration

Attempt to Access

1 Browse to EE OWA;
2 Click ‘Ok’
3 Select your Email Certificate and click ‘Ok’
4 Enter your PIN as requested
5 Click the next link that appears
6 Select your Email Certificate again and click ‘Ok’
7 You should now have access to your EE OWA assuming you are properly configured

Note Email Address Change

You will have a new Email Address in DISA Enterprise Email. You can see this address by clicking “Options” in the upper right (it is next to a question mark symbol) and then “see all options…”

Your new email address will be listed on this page.

Reduce Mailbox Size

Users of Outlook Web Access are limited to a 512MB mailbox. If your mailbox size is over 512MB your ability to send new email will be suspended until your mailbox is reduced in size.

If your mailbox size is greater than 512MB at the time of your mail migration your ability to send will be automatically suspended until you are able to access your Enterprise Email and reduce the size of your mailbox.

For the smoothest transition and ability to access the new please reduce your AKO mailbox size to under 512MB as you approach your migration date.

Transfer Contacts and Calendar

Transferring your contacts and calendar must be manual as it is unfortunately not possible to have your Contacts and Calendar migrated along with your Email.

You can export your AKO contacts into a spreadsheet so that they can be saved before they are deleted. To do this log in to your AKO webmail account and click on Address Book. In the upper left there will be an Import/Export button; click it and select Export. Select CSV (comma separated variable) and save it to your computer. This file can be opened with MS Excel for a nicely formatted list of your contacts.

There is unfortunately no similar function for calendar objects; these must be transferred manually.

Deletion of AKO Mailbox

When your AKO mailbox is migrated to Enterprise Email the mailbox will be fully deleted two weeks later. You must transfer your data by the end of this period or it will be lost.

Making Your Home PC CAC-Ready

Installing your CAC information can be found here.

15 Responses to “Preparing for the AKO mail migration to DISA Enterprise Email.”

  1. Christine Cullinan

    My understanding is that the new migrated email accounts will require a CAC. What if we are not on a CAC-enabled computer?

  2. Tim Landreth

    Bottom line up front: I wish to retain my non-CAC AKO account separate from my CAC enabled work email.

    There is much confusion created by the EE transition emails that I, and others within my office, received on 11 December and 16 January. The confusion is in regards to how retirees who are also Army civilian employees will or will not be transitioned.

    The 11 December email specifically states that individuals who are retirees, even if they have a CAC for another role, will also maintain their AKO email. This was very clear and understandable in the email, and per the email did not require I do anything additional for the EE transition to include me having a non-CAC AKO account.

    The 16 December email says I have been identified to migrate within the next 3 months and makes no reference to me being a retiree who is also a civilian employee. It provides a link to request a temporary deferral but nothing listed refers to me being a retiree.

    So, as a stop gap measure I did submit for a deferral, but nothing in the system tells if and when you will be notified of a decision. I also called 1-866-335-ARMY and spoke with a very nice person who provided a ticket number and said I would be contacted by someone.

    Has anyone else had any issues similar to what I and other retirees are having? Were you able to get it resolved?

  3. darrel jerhone jackson

    Please migrate my AKO To my email…it was working when I left Germany in DEC 12 and showed up in my Outlook.

    Or maybe you can repopulate it

    Thanks in advance

  4. GDonovan

    I have been told that a user who is close to retirement or does not have CAC capability at home can submit a request to be deferred from migration.

    Can you confirm this and point me toward the deferral request form?

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  5. T

    Is there a way to configure the new system to an iPhone?

  6. Kenneth Calloway

    For reservists, are there any suggestions to improve official communication to junior soldiers who have a difficult time keeping up with military email with a password. Requiring them to do this will make it very difficult for leaders to communicate when we only see them two days per month. This will be detrimental to mission readiness. As a 1SG, I will spend many more hours on my phone to accomplish the mission.

  7. Jonathan R Funk

    AKO had a light version that also had CAC security. It allowed access when more robust computers / interenet connections were not available. OWA as coded by Microsoft has a light version (I use it for my civilian email). If you can enable that function (with CAC card security) it would greatly increase Reserve component use of OWA. I currently get memory error messages when I attempt to open, reply. or forward any email message and my OWA is “read only” using the reading pane.

  8. SFC Terry Thompson

    As a career recruiter, I need access while on the road using my government issued iPhone. In addition, 512mb of email space is simply not enough nor is it acceptable since many of today’s email traffic far exceed this limitation.

    What solutions or workarounds are available for soldiers in my situation?

    • PD

      You have to request a move to a different group from the automatically created AKO accounts. You should be able to find out who to ask to put that through from your local comm section – just ask the helpdesk and if they can’t help ask them to find out from the NOC watch officer.

  9. Bob

    I am a duel persona person. My .civ account has been created and is working fine, but my .mil account does not seem to be configured. Not finding anyone who knows how to fix this.


  10. Tony

    how do you access your old ako email? it doesnt present the option to view the email anymore.

  11. Celena

    I recently got a new CAC. My email was working fine before. Now, I can’t log into enterprise. I can log into everything else such as HRC and AKO using CAC login. Any suggestions?


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