What is AKO’s Mission Assurance Category?

The following information is provided as a reference to what the level of information AKO/DKO is allowed to support and process.

Mission Assurance Category

The level of confidentiality and level of robustness for an IS system is set by AR 25-2, section 4-4, paragraph a. In this section you will find the definitions for MAC I, sensitive, and medium robustness.

The accreditation documents created and submitted for DAA approval for AKO/DKO declare the system to be a MAC I, sensitive system at the medium robustness level. These documents are not publicly available for security reasons. AKO/DKO is a system accredited to be operational on the NIPRNet as a military production system.

A “sensitive” system may process FOUO, Privacy data, unclassified controlled nuclear information and unclassified technical data.

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