5 Responses to “Access AKO/DKO when I Retire or ETS”

  1. richard dean

    i can not get on the web site for my info

  2. Leonard "Lennie" Sabin

    Intent to terminate unsponsored, non-CAC access to AKO including retirees has been announced in the ‘Army ECHOES’. A suspense of 24 Aug has been set for the determination of the end date for termination of all retiree (civilian and miitary). Can’t find any where to protest this but seems someone somewhere has determined that AKO use by these categories of people is minimal and doesn’t warrant further support.

  3. Fred W. Chapin

    I am a retired DAC 20 years and 20 years US Navy. How do I activate my AKO account as a retired DAC?

    Fred W. Chapin

  4. Walter Swainsr

    Is there ay HOPE for Retires to be able to gain access to an AKO account in the near


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