How do I help someone else get a sponsored account under me?

How do I help someone else get a sponsored account under me?

New Guest Account

If a user needs access to AKO/DKO but is not in the service or civilian branches of DoD they may be sponsored for a guest account.  These accounts have potentially more limited access and require reapproval after a set period of time.


Anyone that has a willing and able sponsor may have an account on AKO/DKO.  Any full account may sponsor any guest with the following limitations; Army Retiree’s and Army Individual Ready Reservists may sponsor only those people listed as dependents in their DEERS entries, members of the Public Health Service may not currently sponsor accounts at all.


When a potential guest user on AKO/DKO registers for their account they will be prompted to enter the AKO username of their sponsor.  This will be your username (which will not include the portion of the address).  When they have finished registering for the account their approval request will appear in your Sponsor Management Console.

For more information on how to register a “Guest” or “Sponsored Account” on AKO.

Approving the Account

Once the user has completed registration on the portal the sponsor will be sent an email to their AKO/DKO email address with a notification that a user is requesting sponsorship of their account.  Note that the user may appear in your Sponsor Management Console prior to the email confirmation being sent to you.  For further information on how to manage sponsored accounts please read Managed AKO Sponsored accounts.

Existing Guest Account

If a user already has a guest account the sponsorship can be transferred but the guest user must contact the service desk directly.  The service desk will be able to change the sponsorship of an account that the guest cannot access due to account expiration which will then place the account in your sponsor management console for approval.

2 Responses to “How do I help someone else get a sponsored account under me?”

  1. curtis hunter

    i am trying to login to a retired ako

  2. MAJ Olga Kennedy (IRR, Army)

    Hi, I need to have an access to my AKO account to be able to transfer continuous medical education (CME) credits obtained through the uptodate medical website in the period between 2009 and 2012. i am preparing to re-enter a GS position and need a prove of my CME credits.Currently I am working for a civilian company and have no CAC. Please assist.


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