AKO News and Alerts

What kind of information is displayed within the AKO News and Alerts section?

The AKO News and Alert section is the tabbed section located at the top. It contains four tabs. They are AKO News, Army Wide Announcements, Early Bird News, Safety News. Below is a description of each tab.


Army Wide Announcements is the section for soldier-submitted announcements. These announcements can be targeted to specific sections of the Army so they receive only the most appropriate news for them. Click here for information on submitting an Army Wide Announcement.

AKO News

AKO News showcases all of the new items that are related to the AKO portal. Check this tab for the most recent news regarding the AKO upgrades, changes, and new features.

Army Select Links

Safety News is Army wide information that is posted on AKO but pertaining only to safety news.

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