10 Responses to “AKO Webmail Migration to DoD Enterprise Email”

  1. Elizabeth P Joy

    I have been trying to access my email on Enterprise Email. I was migrated on 3 Jun 2013 and to date I am not able to access using above website. I am work off of Windows 8, Internet Explorer and still no success.

  2. John R McKenzie

    I have come off of active duty as of July 2013, and I had access to my enterprise email while I was using a govt computer. Now that I am back on reserve status I can’t access my email account and don’t know my email address. How can I get this fixed and have it forwarded back to my AKO where I can access my emails? I am using a MAC computer but I run windows on my Parallels and use windows XP. I have CAC access on my windows OS.

  3. patrick ferguson

    I am trying to convert to the new system but the page will not upload. keep getting a error msg. why is that

  4. Lorette Guerrero

    I have been recently transferred to IRR (individual ready reserve) and no longer have a CAC ID card. My AKO email was migrated back in April and since I don’t have a CAC anymore, I am unable to access email. How can I gain access without a CAC or how can I revert back to the old AKO email?

    • Daniel Thompson

      I have the same problem. I noticed your post was back in august. Did you ever figure it out. I recently transferred to the IRR.

  5. Vera Dunk

    I am not able to get into my enterprise email and I am not receiving any more emails to my AKO email, I am told that I just have to have all my emails sent to my work email because I am a DOD civilian at vera.dunk@deca.mil but this email is always full because I have a very demanding job and I am only have a limitied amount of space on this email account, please tell me there is a better way to get to my enterprise or AKO email coming soon.

  6. Daisy Broker

    I was migrated at least six months ago. I cannot access mail.mil from my national guard armory because the computer lab computers are not updated. I cannot access it from home on a gov issued laptop even after following all of the Mac help links and following each step as described to get everything for my CAC reader installed. this is ridicules. All Soldiers need access to their email. send help to dbsl3780@gmail.com.

  7. tim enright

    Hi there. As a retiree – how do I get back into my AKO e-mail to pull down historical messages? Also, as a retiree – do I get a new email address?



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