Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Email Information Page

Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Email Information Page

In the coming months, all Army AKO users having a CAC will be migrated to DISA’s Enterprise Email (EE). This means that the AKO accounts will no longer be accessible. DISA will be using Microsoft Exchange and will require 100% CAC use from the Outlook Web App (OWA) web page

Army AKO users has to access OWA. An email account should have already been created.

Problems that may be encountered when trying to access DoD Webmail are listed below. Solutions to these problems are also provided.

Problem 1: If I am out of the office, can I still check my DoD EE account other than through OWA?

INFORMATION: DoD EE cannot be accessed on computers even if they are using Outlook or other email programs that are not included in the .mil or .gov network. This means that DoD EE cannot be set up on personal computers.

Solution 1-1: Yes, you can by forwarding to another .mil or .gov email address. At the, the user has to select the Forwarding from DoD EE button.  Be reminded that such option is becoming limited more so because some AKO capabilities such as CONUS, USA and NGB are gradually being removed.

Solution 1-2: Yes, you can by using a government-owned Blackberry though this is only applicable for those users in business class.

Solution 1-3: Yes, you can by bringing a government computer though this is only applicable for users in business class.

Solution 1-4: Yes, you can if the organization you belong to is a Citrix client. This can be used in logging in with the CAC-enabled home computer, thereby accessing Outlook through the Citrix client. This is only applicable for users in business class.

Solution 1-5: Yes, you can by checking your account using an OWA-equipped iPhone or iPad. However, for all users, the ability of digitally encrypting is impossible since Microsoft is locked into Internet Explorer that is installed with S/MIME.

Problem 2: Why am I receiving an error message when accessing

INFORMATION: This error message will appear if the is not yet set up.

Solution 2-1: An EE account is not yet created. The user has to confirm with the organization when is the estimated date of creating the EE account.

Problem 3: My email account had already been moved to EE, but the information in Global Address List (GAL) is incorrect.

Solution 3-1: The profile must be updated by visiting the page of Defense Manpower Data Center MILConnect ( Here are the steps:

  1. Click Sign in (red button found on the right side of the screen). Then, select OK.
  2. Select the CAC tab. Then, Login.
  3. Select NON Email CAC Certificate. Then, click OK.
  4. Enter your PIN. Then click, OK.

NOTE: There are instances that the user might have to choose Email certificate when the non-email address is not working. Try the email certificate when experiencing the same problem. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the My Profile tab.
  2. Select Update and view My Profile.
  3. There will be two sub-tabs that will be located below the My Profile tab. (Check Problem 20 if you cannot see the tab).
  4. Click the Personal Information tab.
  5. Update contact details including snail mail, mail addresses, and phone numbers if necessary.
  6. Users may find tabs with dark gray background and white text. The color of the tabs will depend on the user’s duty type including MIL/CIV/CTR tabs. Update the unit of assignment and address if needed.

NOTE: The field titled ‘Duty Installation/Location’ refers to the field that finds the closest DISA DECC to the user’s duty station.

NOTE 2: Army Reserve personnel must select ‘US Army Reserve Center’.

Changes will appear from 4 to 24 hours in DISA GAL.

  • If a user is equipped with a SIPRNet E-mail address, the user must add it to the MIL/CIV/CTR tab. This will show how the SIPR EE email account will be created in 2013.

NOTE: An instructional guide on how to use DISA can be found at CAC is required.

  • When at the site, the user has to select the Update Your GAL Attributes button.

Solution 3-2: If ranking is wrong, the user has to visit the ID card office to get the information corrected.

Problem 4: I am receiving error message ‘HTTP/1.11503 Service Unavailable’ when accessing my email through OWA.

INFORMATION: This is cause by down Exchange server or other technical problems.

Solution 4-1: The user must try to access the account at a later time.

Problem 5: How do I add my PIV certificate to my CAC since I have a dual persona?

INFORMATION: A user may be both a reservist and a contractor or a guardsman and a DA civilian at the same time.

Solution 5-1: DMDC’s site had crashed at the height of military personnel’s attempt of exposing their PIV certificates. Users may configure their ActivClient so that they may expose their PIV certificates on a particular computer that it needs to be used on. Here are the steps:

  1. Update the ActivClient 6.2.0.x to its latest version. The computer will restart after updating.
  2. Open ActivClient. Click Tools, Advanced, Configuration.
  3. Scroll down. Click the Smart Card. Change Yes to No for the line entitled ‘Prefer GSC-IS over PIV EndPoint’.
  4. A restart prompt will appear. Afterwards, the user has to select PIV certificate and not Email certificate.

Problem 6: I cannot view encrypted emails using OWA.

Solution 6-1: Ensure that S/MIME control is installed. Here are the steps:

  1. Click Options. Then, click See All options.
  2. Click Settings. Then, click Install the S/MIME control.

Problem 7: How do I get support for my EE account?

Solution 7-1: If the user is at home, he or she needs to contact AKO Help Desk at 866-355-2769. Choose option 2.

If the user is at work, he or she needs to contact AKO Service Desk at 866-355-2769. Choose option 3.

For Army Reserve, he or she needs to contact the Help Desk at 855-55USARC or DSN at 312-879-8133.

Solution 7-2: The user has to contact the Army & NETCOM CAC/PKI Help Desk at 866-738-3222 or DSN at 312-850-3136. The user may also send an email to

Solution 7-3: The user has to contact DISA’s Help Desk at 800-447-2457 or 614-692-3136 or DSN at 312-850-3136. The user may also send an email to

Problem 8: How do I turn off an OWA-viewed conversation?

Solution 8-1: The user has to visit or to change the setting.

Solution 8-2: The user may also follow these steps:

  1. Click the drop down arrow next to Arrange tab.
  2. Uncheck the check box next to the Conversation tab.
  3. After un-checking, turn off conversation view. The effect will be automatic.
  4. Check the box if you wish to turn it on again in the future.

Problem 9: I am receiving an error message (A digital ID that allows you to sign this message is missing) when attempting to use OWA on Windows 7 in both 32 and 64 bit.

INFORMATION: This is an error message when accessing OWA.

Solution 9-1: The user, specifically those using Internet Explorer 9, has to add the OWA link to the Trusted Sites. (Check Problem 15 for the steps).

Solution 9-2:  The user has to install the S/MIME from the options section. (Check Problem 7). If having problems installing the control, the user must ensure that the ‘Do not save encrypted pages to disk’ tab is unchecked. This is found at the Tools, Advanced tab.

Problem 10: When I am using OWA, I am receiving the message ‘This message can’t be decrypted.  If you have a smart card-based digital ID, insert the card and try to open the message again’.

Solution 10-1: The user has to ensure that the email address being used is listed on CAC and in Exchange profile.

NOTE: Army users must have an AKO email address on CAC and this should be listed as an alias in Exchange profile.

Problem 11: I can access with my CAC and PIN with the IE tab indicating that I am an email user. The next screen is showing the actual mail server, but the link keeps time-outing especially if I go straight to it.

Solution 11-1: The user has to include to the Trusted Sites. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer. Then, click Tools, Internet Options, Security tab.
  2. Click Trusted Sites (with green checkmark). Type in
  3. Add the site to the zone by clicking the Add button.

Problem 12: I received a Transfer to EE notification from AKO, how can I save all of my AKO emails?

INFORMATION: Users are required to visit the AKO’s FAQs page for the latest information about the transfer.

Solution 12-1: The user has to follow NETCOM’s TTP that is found on the Manual Exporting of AKO Email Data to EE. The file is found on AKO site and is available in Word format.

Problem 13: I am about to retire in a few months’ time, is there any waiver request that I can do so that I won’t be migrated to

Solution 13-1:  Yes, by visiting AKO to transition page at Information on waiver request is provided here.

Problem 14: What can I do if I do not have a computer of my own? I am using the local library to check my AKO email account. I also do not have a CAC reader.

Solution 14-1: The user has to visit  AKO to transition page at Information on waiver request is provided here.

Problem 15: I am trying to update MILConnect when I got married to another soldier, but I cannot get the information to show up as the Sponsor. How can it bring me up as a family member?

Solution 15-1: Here are the steps:

  1. When at the Sign in page, click the CAC tab. Then, click Manage Account tab, but not the Logo button.
  2. Click Select Sponsor. Then, click your name from the drop-down menu. Save it.
  3. When at the next screen, click the continue to MILConnect site button. Login as yourself. Update the information on the MILConnect site.

Problem 16: Now that I am on DoD EE, how do I get all of my AKO emails before losing them?

Solution 16-1: The user has to setup Outlook on his or her personal computer. AKO must be setup through IMAP. Then, a PST must be created to move the email to the PST.

Solution 16-2: The user might have to forward each individually to the new email address.

36 Responses to “Department of Defense (DoD) Enterprise Email Information Page”

  1. Ryan Chen

    How can I unblock the link from the sender I know? I got the block link from the sender email that I need to download program and I cannot unblock it.

  2. Abraham Ne'th

    Why is Enterprise Email so clunky? I am in the field trying to accomplish a mission, and I am continually having issues with this system. I write an email or read emails and it continually creates errors, asks me to submit my PIN, and does not work often times. The system works about 10% of the time. At this point I am inclined not to use this service due to unreliability. I understand the need for security, but if the system is so secure that my soldiers and I are unable to access and use it, it becomes useless. I think the EE system is not very simple and you should be aware of this.

    Thanks for listening,
    CPT Neth

  3. Mark Tegtmeyer

    Why is EE web mail not accessible from home / personal computers? Not having access from home removes 99% of the capabilities from TPU Reserve Soldiers. I’ve been fighting trying to get my email for months now, and no one has told me that it wasn’t accessible. Now I have no access to any of my online emails that I am in critical need of. Not having access gives me no capability to do my job effectively.

  4. Still waiting on email to load

    Is there a ‘beta’ version for low bandwidth considerations? Like soldiers who are deployed?! Why do I not have full accessibilty to MY email, all links are disabled. So when I get an offical email ordering me to follow a link and complete a task, I am unable to complete that mission!!! Didn’t anyone give this system a test run before it was implemented? Why does improvement = less ability to accomplish the mission?

  5. K

    The EE email system is so slow, there is so much latency, and so many errors that during normal business hours it is entirely impossible to use. When is this system going to get the bandwidth it needs. You should not have switched us over to a system that does not work from one that does work. AKO worked well 90% of the time. This system almost never works. Bottom line: I can’t check my email when I need to for work!

    • Donna

      I have the same problem with latency in October – 4 months later. Has anyone done anything to fix this? I spend a good portion of my workday just waiting for the email to “catch up”.
      My time is more valuable than this …. Why the switch prior to full capabilty? When will it be fixed?

  6. Kevin

    I have only been able to access my enterprise account twice. I am a Reservist that works and lives OCONUS. Why does the website not load? I can log into AKO with my CAC without a problem, but no luck with enterprise. How can I get enterprise to load from my civilian laptop OCONUS?

  7. eric

    i honestly cannot understand why this garbage was used. the leadership on this one needs to be transferred out of that gig and moved to some place where they can do less damage to such a large chunk of the military. i have been trying hard to get this done. i have called in for help from G6 repeatedly. i dont get how it takes this effort to set up an email address. it is 2013. hire google to sort this crap out. secure emails mean nothing if you cant use the email client.

  8. don

    I cannot understand why we switched to this without it letting us have the ability to check emails from home. Also as someone else stated why did we switch over to this when it’s not even functioning like it should, I constantly get errors/timed out and when I try to log back in it gives me more errors, guess this is what we get when the DoD gets the lowest bidder to do work, you get what you pay for!

  9. Jordan

    Why does the website not address the real problems?

    • admin

      What problems are you referring to?

      • Matthew

        You’re joking, right? You ignore all of the real problems, then when somebody comes in complaining that his certificate isn’t being cached, you point to the solution and feel great about what fantastic help you are. It’s like an AOL tech support person advising you to restart your computer and see if that fixes the problem. Then Jordan jumps in to ask why you’re ignoring the real problems, and you say “what problems?”

        Really? REALLY??!?

        The problem he’s referring to is the inability of a ridiculously large number of people to access EE from anything but a government laptop on a government network. And it’s hit-or-miss, which is even crazier. At one time, I had success 100% of the time on my laptop in my apartment in Tokyo, but only 50% success from the desktop on the same network. One day the laptop stopped getting through, but the desktop still did, although I usually had to either restart IE or restart the computer first. Now I’m back in the states, and unable to connect from my in-laws’ house. Chrome is recognizing the DoD certificate, but blocking access anyway, apparently because of a mix of secure and insecure content. IE isn’t giving me even that much data on why AKO is loading but EE is blocked.

        EE is about as useable as At least EE doesn’t (probably) put me at risk of identity theft, but that’s a small comfort to the thousands of Soldiers who are not able to do their jobs because their place of duty isn’t on a military base where they can connect through a government network on a government computer.

  10. Robert

    I’ve installed everything that and this site says to have in order to use the new system, yet I have not been able to long in a single time. loads up, able to put in my pin and then the next window opens redirecting, click and get the same error every single time “Your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource ( is not responding.” I’m OCONUS but it works for all the other people I’ve talked to.

  11. Tony

    Can anything be done to delay the time between PIN entries while using EE on my PC? The PIN pop-up window seems to show every minute or so. It does not do this at the office on RCAS though. Do I just have to live with it? If so, at least it is working.

  12. Doug

    Webmail asks me for my pin every 5 minutes on my home computer kicking me out of whatever window I’m in (including while I was typing this message). If I’ve been away from my computer (or reading at my desk), it asks me for every 5 minutes that I was away. I’m not receiving an error message, but this seems a bit excessive! Because of it, I only check Webmail once a day. Is there a fix for this, or was the system designed to be this cumbersome?

    • anthony

      I hope this gets addressed. I cannot keep getting interrupted to type my pin every few minutes. And it gets worse! If you are away for 20 minutes, it makes you type your PIN 4 times in a row. IT STACKS UP!!! HOW INSANE is THAT?

  13. Alfonso Meneses

    After the upgrade to OWA, the MIME control is no longer available. Are you going to reinstate this any time soon?

  14. Matthew

    “The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website’s address.”

    How about this one?

  15. Brian

    I can log on and everything, but just recently web mail is not loading correctly on my Mac. It is loading on one side of the page in one straight line. My emails are there, but I can not access any of them.

  16. William M. Connell

    I was able to get on my enterprise e-mail until I was converted to some html3 over the weekend of February 7-9 2014 can I please get a contact number to revert my enterprise e-mail back to

    • William M. Connell

      This is causing me vital problems I need to get on my e-mail and need a Qick solution to this problem

  17. Phyllis

    Please help me get Chrome to work for the site…my account was just moved from the eur2.mail site where everything was FINE!!

  18. Lee

    Just as Phyllis and William Connell posted, I have suffered at the hand of some idiotic IT MGR forcing a change from eur2.mail over to stlm03.mail against my account. WHY !?!?!?! Now, It’s virtually INOPERABLE. I’ve since contacted the AKO Service/Help Desk; they said “we can’t do anything about that” but they recommended that I update ‘my profile’ at which supposedly governs the geo-location of my account for access. Therefore, I confirmed that my current residence/mailing address reflected Bagram, Afghanistan, but as usual, NONE of that effort provided any corrective action.

  19. Michael Leahey

    I concur with William, Phyllis and Lee…I to was forced to the broken stlm01 server from the very stable a working eur01 server. I had my Linux Mint 16 box running Firefox and was connecting just fine and now I cant get anything to work but Chrome on windows at the office to kind of sometimes work…This really needs to be addressed

  20. Rimiller

    OWA has been frustrating. I used to have trouble accessing AKO when my e-mail was there now the trouble is EE. I can not maintain connection to OWA from my personal computer. I am a guardsman. As one poster commented: “If it is so secure that it is inaccessible then it becomes useless.”

    How did this web page know my military e-mail address?

  21. Brent Taylor

    I am trying to set up my EE on Mac (OS X 10.8.5). I have downloaded the CAC software for Mac and added everything from the instructions. I can log into AKO via CAC just fine. However, when I click on email inside AKO, it asks if I want to go to my old AKO email or to my EE email. I click on EE email, and the window attempts to access After a few moments it goes blank and says: “This webpage is not available”

    So I can log into AKO with CAC, but cannot get to my EE email from within AKO. I also cannot access this page outside of AKO.

    Please help. Thank you

  22. Daniel Maynard

    The only place I can access my DoD email is through Outlook at work. If this new Enterprise email is not meant to be used from home, then perhaps that should be more clearly stated. Every time I try to access my email through the Enterprise system I get the error message,”This page can’t be displayed.” This happens regardless of whether I’m at home on my personal computer, or using a DoD computer on a secured network. If it is so secure that no one can access it, then what is the point to having it at all? If anyone knows how to access this soup sandwich from home, or work for that matter, then please inform the rest of us.

  23. Ryan Busby

    I am having the same issue as Daniel Maynard.

  24. Nathanial Copeland

    I am unable to get any links to work, they are all blocked, is there a work around? The links are still blocked when I forward the email to another account and I am unable to access this email anywhere but online until the process of transitioning my outlook from to is complete. I have seen this same issue posted above, but no responses are listed.

  25. jimmy cook

    I have recently changed from the Reserves to National Guard. I have updated all my personal info. When you search my name it still populates my old unit . How do I fix this problem


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