Configure AKO/DKO webmail with an external email client

How do I configure my AKO/DKO webmail with an external email client?

The settings to use your AKO/DKO email with an external email client are all the same, just the look and feel of each email client are not.

Use the settings below to configure your AKO/DKO email with your email client of choice or you can use one of the email clients featured below to configure your email client:

Choose IMAP for the server type.*

  • The incoming mail server is
  • The outgoing mail server is
  • Do not use secure password connections (SPA).
  • The incoming port number is 993.
  • The outgoing port number is 465.
    • For both incoming and outgoing mail servers, use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

NOTE: You may need to download the latest DoD Root Certificates before your email client will function correctly. For more information about downloading and installing the DoD Root Certificates click here.

Use the following links for more information on integrating your AKO email with another email client:

*AKO supports the use of IMAP, because IMAP keeps a copy of the email in your portal mailbox. This means you can retrieve email from the server. POP, by default, downloads the mail to the external mail client (removes the mail from your portal mailbox) which means there is no backup of your email in your portal account.

For information on configuring your AKO/DKO email to your handheld device.

Note for CAC users: If you have recently registered your CAC with your AKO account, you may need to reboot your system before you are able to access your email from a third-party client.

2 Responses to “Configure AKO/DKO webmail with an external email client”

  1. Franklin Davis

    How do I access my AKO webmail on my home computer. I get security invalid when I access at home.

    • Mary Ann Buscemi

      I am retired and do not have a CAC card. But I keep getting emails to update my accunt, How do I access it.

      Pleae Advise. Thank you
      Mary Ann Buscemi


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