Enterprise Email: Quota and Storage Limits


Question! I’m using Enterprise Email and I want to know what my quota/storage limits are. What will happen when I fill my quota up? Answer!

Enterprise Email has two classes of user: Basic and Business.

  • Business Class users have a 4GB limit
  • Basic Class users have a 512MB limit

If you ever go over your storage limit you will be unable to send mail until you reduce your quota below your limit.

Enterprise Email Quota


You can check your quota in Enterprise Email by hovering your mouse pointer over your name NOTE It is not currently possible to change your Enterprise Email quota or classification level.

One Response to “Enterprise Email: Quota and Storage Limits”

  1. Matthew Allen

    I just got transferred to the enterprise email with only 512mb limit and am already over the limit when my historical email from AKO was transferred. I need the business class email but am not sure how to get in contact with DISA to request a better account. If DISA rejects my request I will not be able to use AKO anymore as a soldier and will be forced to use commercial providers. If you can provide any direction I would be grateful.


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