How do I access the ‘DoD Global Directory Service (GDS)’ site?

DoD Global Directory Service (GDS) is a Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise-wide search engine. It allows DoD personnel names, e-mail addresses, and DoD PKI email encryption certificates to be searchable via the web. GDS pulls information from PKI directories and Designated Data Sources (DDSs) within the Combatant Commanders/Services/Agencies (C/S/As).

NOTE: This information is provided as a courtesy. For the most current information, please follow the links below. AKO does not control nor is responsible for the content or functionality included in the links. Please do not contact the AKO Service Desk for corrections to the GDS data base. The GDS site requires a “CAC and PKI email encryption certificate” to access.

For further assistance, please visit: DISA Enterprise Directory Service at This site does not require a “CAC or PKI email encryption certificate” to view general information.

How do I access theDoD Global Directory Service (GDS)’ site?

You can access the ‘GDS Query Screen’ through your AKO/DKO account. This will direct you to the search directory page. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to ‘Home’ (located in the upper left hand corner
  • Select ‘DKO Home’ from the drop down.
  • Click on the ‘Security tab’
  • Click on ‘DoD Global Directory Service’- CAC REQUIRED link.

If you are PKI enabled, you may follow a direct link to access the GDS site: Follow the steps below:

  • · Click on GDS Home
  • · Click on ‘Customer Support’ link.
  • · Click on ‘GDS Reference Guide’

GDS Contact Information:

If you need additional assistance, you may contact GDS customer support by the following methods:

GDS (Frequently Asked Questions) FAQ


For Technical question using GDS, send inquires by email to: .

For Technical questions concerning the GDS directory, send inquiries by email to

For more information about GDS, send inquires by email to .

Commercial: 1-800-490-1643 PRESS Option 3

DSN: 339-5600 PRESS Option 3

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