Password Reset Locked

Why am I limited on how often I can reset my password without using my CAC?

CAC restrictions on passwords

You are limited to resetting your password to AKO using the external reset process a maximum of five times. After this you must log in to AKO with your CAC to change your password.

AKO limits your ability to log in to your account without your CAC. Content holders may restrict their access rights to CAC login access only and AKO only allows you to reset your password five times before you are required to log in with your CAC. These restrictions are in place because of the access you are given by virtue of having an AKO account.

Your AKO account grants you access to information related to tactics, personnel, or your own family members. In addition to CIO guidance, AKO requires you to authenticate with your CAC periodically to validate your identity. CAC verification is more secure than your password because it requires something you have in addition to something you know.

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  1. COL Charles B,. Thornell, Jr. US Army Retired

    My AKO password has expired. I am having problems with putting in a new password. As you already know Military Retirees such as myself rarely use their military e-mail accounts. In the past I have only checked my AKO E-Mail account about once a month to see if I have any messages. It would be great if any military account e-mails could be automatically forwarded to my personal account ( Let me know if this is possible.


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