Webmail: I don’t see my personal address book

Webmail Classic

This is likely the result of a setting in  your Address Book.  The default directory search can be set to the AKO directory rather than your own personal address book; changing this default will likely correct your issue.  You can change your default directory search in two places.

In the address book itself there is a dropdown box in the upper right that you can change on the fly.  For a more permanent fix follow the steps below.

  • 1) Log into webmail.
  • 2) Click Options on the menu bar.
  • 3) Click Address Book.
  • 4) Change the option from AKO Directory to Personal Address Book.
  • 5) Save.

If you are experiencing this issue on Webmail 2.0 or continue to experience this issue after following the above steps please call the helpdesk.

For more information about AKO/DKO mail’s personal address book check ADDRESS BOOK ISSUES.

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