I got prompted to answer my KBA questions after clicking the Email Button


How do I access AKO webmail without being prompted to answer my KBA questions?


If you are prompted to answer your KBA questions or you are being taken back to the login page when accessing webmail from within AKO by click the email icon, the cause may be due to trusted sites not being configured on your internet browser. To correct this, complete the following:

Open Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8:

1. In IE, click Tools à Internet Options

2. Click on the Security tab

3. Click on the Green Check Mark for Trusted Sites

4. Click Sites

5. Uncheck the box ‘Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone

6. Remove all sites in the ‘Websites’ box that end in “us.army.mil”

7. In the ‘Add this website to the zone:’ type *.army.mil

8. Click the Add Button

9. Click Close

Close and relaunch IE and attempt to view webmail through AKO/DKO.

One Response to “I got prompted to answer my KBA questions after clicking the Email Button”

  1. Kenneth Flesher

    I really don’t care about all the pages & pages of excuses of why we can’t access a site is mostly non-secure, nor do I plan on earning a BS in Computer Science to learn how to restructure my computer. I just want the thing to work. I’m trying to take 5 silly little courses for NDC, and I’m shut out with an “error code 403”.

    A site that isn’t easy to operate is a site that’s not worth visiting. This is why I seldom visit AKO. It’s a pain in the hiney.

    If anyone at AKO cares (probably not), my login is kenneth.m.flesher@the suffix. I would appreciate an email to the above address with some explanation.


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