23 Responses to “Why is AKO so hard to get into?”

  1. casa stuckey

    need help get into log in.

    • admin

      What issues are you experiencing? Have you updated your DOD enterprise email certificates? Do you have a CAC?

      • terence

        I cant get the ako login to come up on my home computer.

        • Kevin Bye

          When trying to get to AKO I am asked to down load something I don’t want, ie, instant notification, some new toolbar or an added PDF reader which my security software indicates the download as a threat: Expertpdf7.exe Pua.Installq

      • Helmut A. G. Roeder

        I have trouble logging-in.

    • George Ramos

      Why am I having a problem finding AKO ?
      I don’t use it frequently, because I am retired.
      I was going to check my email, to delete the
      emails that are old.
      I cant get the ako login to come up on my home computer.

    • Frederick Harris, Jr

      I am having problems logging into AKO from my home computer. I do not have a CAC card anymore.

  2. Amy baker

    I cannot access my account

  3. francisco nazario

    i need to reset my ako account username and password please help me , im retired of us army reserve

  4. gene hicks

    AKO is a total nightmare… . it simply DOES NOT WORK !@!!!!!!!
    If it can not be accessed and used by the target audience, it is a failure..
    security is good and necessary, but is no excuse for wa system THAT DOES NOT WORK !!!!!
    There should, AT THE VERY LEAST be a toll free phone number to call for asistance with enough staff to cover the calls… the last 2 times I called, there was a hols of 1.0 40 minutes, and the second time a hold of 75 minutes… this is absurd..
    and by the way, neither of the temp passwords I was given worked..

    I am locked out of , and have been so for weeks, and there is no
    “help desk’ link that shows on my computer screen, and now the toll free numbeer IS ASHUT OFF FOR VRESETTING passwords..


    • Frederick Harris, Jr

      I cannot access my account from my home computer.

  5. cortnie

    my husband is locked out of his AKO and only has access to a computer one day out of the week on his passes during his AIT training, I’m wondering how he can get unlocked and access to his account for next sunday. this is using the username/password log in. the computers on his base were experiencing issues with the CAC card log ins so we figured this is our best bet for next week.
    thank you,

  6. Joshua Reyes

    Where is the login portion? I have been trying to access AKO for months but I am having a very difficult time…

  7. Jerry Charles

    I can’t even get to the AKO Login: My Pay also won’t allow me to login!!!!

  8. Leslie

    Where do you actually “login” at? I can get to my old AKO at us.army.mil, but cannot seem to find the EE login screen or location.
    Help help help please!

  9. James J. Smith

    Good morning!
    I am MAJ-retired from the PA National Guard (although I am still listed under the IRR); thus, I do not regularly access my AKO webmail. I knew that changes were on the way, but today was the first time that I had a chance to sit down and work on things…as far as access. The result…I’ve been unable to access my account.

    1. Are the log-in/passwords the same as pre-migration?
    2. If so, what measures do I need to take to log-on?
    3. If not, how do I get my new log-in/password to gain access?

    James J. Smith, MAJ-retired
    Signal Corps

  10. Donovan R.

    Even my acting 1st SGT is having problem in that webmail thing. Mac user suffers severely if they don’t have the proper instruction or check list to get in.

    I have two CAC Card one in civilian army (part time) and one in the USAR. I never use my civilian Army CAC, only the USAR CAC. Until now I have no access, this is not consumer friendly. A lot of us need help…


  11. Matthew Martin II

    Another frustrating system that’s not ready for prime time. It’s exhausting Soldier’s and families time, testing their patience with repeated attempts to log-in; much less navigate a poorly integrated system where, apparently, no one is capable of articulating the steps necessary to use a system that has been forced upon them. I, too, am unable to access. What an unfortunate situation for those in uniform that must rely on a failed effort.

  12. Chuck

    I have to complete ALC, it is disappointing that you have to jump through so many hoops just to log in. Im also using n my Government issued DOD laptop with a CAC I still can’t log on. After repeated attempts following the Soldiers creed “I will never quit” seems futile.

  13. Siaosi Asalele

    I need to access my AKO account for JROTC training program.

  14. Clayton Tayame

    Not able to log into my AKO account. In the past, I did have access to it on my PC. Please reply. Thanks

  15. Kevin W.

    I have been medically retired from the Army and I have no CAC card to log into AKO. I am trying to log in on my home computer but I can’t find any log in window. Every time that I try it sends me to a page that wants me to download a program that I don’t want on my computer. Where do I need to go or do to be able to log into my AKO account to check my emails? Please let me know


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