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Enterprise Email DoD Systems Agency

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The Department of Defense has been taking many different opportunities to improve the standards of communication and integration between soldier and the headquarters. This means that the initiatives like the Enterprise E-Mail have helped put the entire communication between staff and soldiers into a much more lucrative and fluid context. In fact, the Enterprise E-Mail […]

DISA Enterprise Collaboration Management User FAQ

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How can I use DISA’s Enterprise Collaboration Management? Enterprise Collaboration Management DISA’s Content Management is the DoD’s file sharing solution. Using the features found in ECMCS you can upload files, control who may access them, determine an update and reporting chain by using workflows, and restrict file updates to a particular series of Revision numbers. […]

Accounts for non-Army DoD

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Eligibility for DoD Users to get DKO accounts Please find the category below that you fall under and follow the instructions. Request DKO users please contact the AKO/DKO help desk for questions you may have about opening an account in DKO. DoD Military and Civilian CAC holders You are eligible for a DKO Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA). You […]

AKO Email Accounts for DoD Enterprise Email Users

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Now is the right time to close those Army Knowledge Online (AKO) accounts for those who are also using Department of Defense (DoD) Email Enterprise (EE) due to redundancy. Currently, there are more than 534 provisioned EE email accounts divided into Army, JS, DISA, and EUCOM. The drive behind the initiative to eliminate email accounts redundancy and storage is […]

Error: “Page Cannot Be Displayed”

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If you receive the error “Page Cannot Be Displayed” (in Internet Explorer) or “Server Not Found” (in Firefox) you can use the following steps to troubleshoot your issue: Check your browser and version for FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) compliance. Internet Explorer In IE 6 and 7 open your Tools menu and select Internet Options […]

Personal and Teams vs. US Army Organizations folders

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What is the difference between “Personal and Teams” folders and “U.S. Army Organization” folders? There are two types of top level folders within AKO/DKO. The two types are: Personal and Teams US Army Organization or Community Personal and Teams Folder Most users only have the ability to create a personal and team folders. Personal and […]

Site Map

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Site Map allows you to browse all team, community, and organizational pages within AKO/DKO.  Also it allows you to search for specific portal pages. The Organizational Sites tab on the Site Map is organized into three top level components: DoD Organizations, Federal Agencies, and Knowledge Networks. Site Map Location You can locate ‘Site Map’ by: Logging […]

403: Access Forbidden

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Why am I getting “403: Access Forbidden” and how do I correct it? If you receive an error reading “403: Access Forbidden” you may have a corrupt or invalid file in your temporary internet files.  Depending on the browser you’re using the method of clearing your temporary files (cache) can vary.  Search your browser’s help files on […]

Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA)

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How can I receive a Joint Unsponsored Account (JUA) on DKO? Eligibility for DoD Users to get DKO accounts Please find the category below that you fall under and follow the instructions.  Request DKO users please contact the AKO/DKO help desk for questions you may have about opening an account in DKO.   DoD Military and […]

Outlook 2003 IMAP set up

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AKO also provides an Outlook Connector that can configure your Outlook for AKO Mail, Calendar, and Directory services automatically.  For more information on the Outlook Connector please click here (203). The following instructions will guide you on configuring Outlook 2003 for your AKO/DKO mail by hand. 01) In Outlook open your ‘Tools’ menu and select ‘E-Mail Accounts…’ […]

Outlook 2007 IMAP set up

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What settings do I need to configure Outlook 2007 with my AKO/DKO webmail? Follow the directions below to configure your AKO/DKO webmail to Outlook 2007 on your local machine. Open Outlook 2007. Click on ‘Tools’ Click on ‘Account Settings…’. Within the “E-mail” tab, click on ‘New’. Select “Microsoft Exchange, POP 3, IMAP, or HTTP”. Click […]

How do I access the ‘DoD Global Directory Service (GDS)’ site?

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DoD Global Directory Service (GDS) is a Department of Defense (DoD) enterprise-wide search engine. It allows DoD personnel names, e-mail addresses, and DoD PKI email encryption certificates to be searchable via the web. GDS pulls information from PKI directories and Designated Data Sources (DDSs) within the Combatant Commanders/Services/Agencies (C/S/As). NOTE: This information is provided as […]