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AKO Mail Client: Outlook 2010 Configuration

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Follow the directions below to configure your AKO/DKO webmail to Outlook 2010 on your local machine. Open Outlook 2010. Click on ‘File’. Click on ‘Add Account ‘. Within the “Add Account Window” tab, click on ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’. Click on ‘Next’. Select “Internet Email”. Click on ‘Next’. This will bring […]

AKO Mail Client: Outlook 2003 Configuration

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AKO also provides an Outlook Connector that can configure your Outlook for AKO Mail, Calendar, and Directory services automatically. For more information on the Outlook Connector please check USING THE OUTLOOK CONNECTOR. The following instructions will guide you on configuring Outlook 2003 for your AKO/DKO mail by hand. In Outlook open your ‘Tools’ menu and […]

What is my EDIPI and how can I locate mine?

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EDIPI (Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier) is a unique number that is associated with you and your CAC (Common Access Card). In order to retrieve your EDIPI, you will need to have a CAC, CAC reader, and CAC middleware* installed on your machine. First, insert your CAC into the reader on your computer. From there, […]