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AKO Mail Client: Set AKO as the default address book

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Use the following instructions to set AKO as the default address book in Outlook 2007: On the Standard toolbar, click Address Book. Tip: You can also open the Address Book by clicking Address Book on the Tools menu. Click Tools, and then click Options. Note: If you open the Address Book from an open message, the Tools menu is not available. The Address Book must be […]

Webmail: Creating Rules to Manage Your Mail

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Webmail 2.0 has the ability to setup Mail Filters based on the following fields: To CC Recipient Subject From Message Size (kB) To setup Mail Filters: Login to Webmail 2.0 Click Options Expand AKO/DKO Account Click Mail Filters Click New Filter (if you wish to edit an existing filter, highlight filter and click edit) Enter […]

What is an ‘Email Only’ Guest account?

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Email-Only Accounts Some accounts on AKO can be limited to being “email only.” An email only account has access to their AKO mail, Army-wide Announcements, and Army News. Email-Only accounts are restricted because of the access and information that the Army Knowledge Online provides even to sponsored accounts. Any guest account may be made into […]

Webmail: Manage Email Without a Trash Folder

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Instead of using a trash folder to manage your emails you can configure your mailbox to mark your messages for deletion so that you can expunge them at a later date. This functionality is similar to how Outlook works when configured for AKO mail. Webmail Classic To turn this feature on/off Log in to webmail […]

Webmail Overview

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AKO/DKO Webmail is a web-based communication and collaboration client that allows you to compose and manage email messages, manage personal addresses including accessing any public address books, and manage and share calendars. You can access AKO/DKO webmail from any location with an internet connection. Every AKO/DKO portal user is given access to their own AKO/DKO […]

Error: Webmail’s Progress Bar Stops Loading

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There are several reasons why your email may not be loading completely. Webmail Freezing Above 70% If you do not have a preferred web browser set in your Mail Options you may freeze during the loading process. In order to resolve this issue you must first log into your AKO/DKO Account. Then click on My […]

Webmail: AKO Attachment Guidelines

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Email Attachment Size 15MB is the maximum size of an unencrypted email that includes a brief amount of text and a digital signature. 12MB is the maximum size of an encrypted mail that includes a brief amount of text and a digital signature. The reason this varies is because encryption will add to the total size of an email and the […]

Webmail: Import/Export Address Book

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We are currently working to improve the functionality of the ‘Import/Export’ feature of the AKO webmail. To get this feature to work correctly in Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0, please follow the steps below: Under ‘Tools’ within Internet Explorer, click ‘Internet Options’. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab. In the settings window, scroll down to the “Security” […]

Webmail: I am being prompted to answer my KBA

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If you are prompted to answer your KBA questions or you are being taken back to the login page when accessing webmail from within AKO by click the email icon, the cause may be due to trusted sites not being configured on your internet browser. To correct this, complete the following: Open Internet Explorer 6, […]

Webmail: Encrypting Email Using AKO

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How do I encrypt an email? This FAQ describes how to encrypt an email with the AKO Webmail. To encrypt emails within an external email client, contact your local IT Team or the external email client’s help desk. To encrypt emails, you must have S/MIME enabled and your signing certificate selected in webmail. Once you […]

Webmail: HTML Display is Disabled

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Why can’t I view HTML within AKO/DKO webmail? HTML content can no longer be viewed in an email within AKO/DKO webmail. HTML scripts within the body of the email. AKO/DKO webmail is stripping javascript and placing “This message contained javascript which has been removed by AKO/DKO IAW INFOCON level 3 and 4.” in place of […]


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Where is my vCard and how do I update my vCard? A vCard is an electronic business card that can be attached to email messages in your AKO/DKO webmail. Your vCard is located within your AKO/DKO webmail. You can get to your AKO/DKO webmail by either: Logging into AKO/DKO and click on the ‘Email’ icon. […]